VOL.9 Okazaki Construction Co., Ltd.

Creating a homely company

Early in the morning in August, men could be seen loading large heavy equipment and materials onto trucks. ``Okazaki Construction Co., Ltd.'' is a company based in Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture that makes a living in general construction (general civil engineering construction and civil engineering). The strength of Okazaki Construction is that we can handle both construction management and actual construction work, and instead of focusing on getting a lot of work orders, we focus on providing our customers with our technology to the fullest. I'm keeping this in mind first. In a cheerful atmosphere where I could hear laughter from time to time, I decided to visit the work site as the trucks departed all at once.

On this day, we visited a road paving site.

Keitaro Okazaki President

Facing the shortage of workers

Currently, there is a shortage of workers in the construction industry, and nurturing young workers has become a major mission. Okazaki Construction Co., Ltd. is not only passing on its skills, but is also gradually creating an environment that is acceptable to young people from various angles. Uniforms are one of them. He changed to a cooler uniform and seems to have gotten a better reputation from those around him. Although it has a sharp and stylish silhouette, he was very surprised to find that it has stretch and functionality that will not make him feel uncomfortable during work.

Challenge yourself with a new spirit

Okazaki Construction Co., Ltd. has approximately 18 employees. The employees range in age from 19 to 50. ``There are no difficult company rules. All we ask of our employees is to greet them cheerfully and to work sincerely without lying.'' President Okazaki took over the small company run by his father with two or three people by himself, and started from scratch. Since then, we have gradually increased the number of employees and grown the company. The company was incorporated over 10 years ago and is still growing. He says that the most important things in his experience so far were ``greetings'' and ``sincerity.'' It is very important to be able to do things that are obvious.

Employees are like family

It takes about 10 years of experience before you can leave a job in charge alone. President Okazaki also changes the way he assigns work to suit each employee's personality and way of thinking. Above all, we place emphasis on creating an environment where all employees feel comfortable and can work hard. ``My father spends more time at work.In order to continue working for a long time, it is important to create a homely environment where all employees feel like they are family, which provides emotional support for them.'' I can sense the warmth of President Okazaki, saying, ``Yes, it is important.''