VOL.11 Ishizaka Sangyo Co., Ltd.

This work will change the world.

In late November of this year, when the weather continues to be warm, I visited Miyoshi-cho, Saitama Prefecture. There are fields, woodlands, and facilities such as roadside stations around large plants. At first glance, I had no idea what company it was. Ishizaka Sangyo Co., Ltd. is a company that recycles construction waste and sells recycled products. With the vision of ``Zero Waste Design,'' a society in which trash is not trash, we are working on recycling industrial waste and environmental education activities. Currently, the company boasts industry-leading technology with a waste reduction and resource recycling rate of 98%.

For more than 50 years since our founding, we have worked tirelessly every day to hone our recycling technology.

Tomoko Ishizaka Managing Director

Region-first management philosophy

``The reason our business can continue in this area is because of the understanding and cooperation of the local people.We want to be a presence that is useful to the lives of the local people,'' says Managing Director Ishizaka. There is a village forest around Ishizaka Sangyo that was once devastated by illegal dumping, and by restoring it, we are currently using it as the Mitomi Konjaku Village, which is an environmental education field, and creating a place that local people can enjoy. This is done as part of the process. Many people use the well-maintained promenade as a daily stroll. There is a day camp in a dome-shaped tent, a BBQ area where you can enjoy grilled fresh vegetables, and a mini steam locomotive that runs on sunlight, making it a place of relaxation for men and women of all ages. In addition, they use ingredients from their own organic farm to provide a ``delicious experience'' through food.

ISHIZAKA's soulful combat uniform

In April 2022, on the occasion of the company's 55th anniversary, the company will change to a new uniform along with a press release of the new logo. It took three years of planning to complete. We are particular about creating uniforms that are ethical and have designs that are acceptable to young employees, and the shirts are made from recycled pet fibers. A jacket dyed with rice dye extracted from rice husks, etc. is adopted from "EARTH DYE" of our company's "COLOR LAB CUSTOM" project, which extracts pigments from discarded plants and dyes products (garment dye). did. I'm really happy that our company's plan matched their desire for uniforms that heighten their awareness of the environment.

Communicating from the region to the world

"Climate change," "global warming," "biodiversity," and "waste" are keywords that all humans cannot avoid. Ishizaka Sangyo, which is involved in all of these issues, is visited by approximately 60,000 visitors from both Japan and abroad each year. By achieving high standards of waste reduction and recycling rates within a relatively compact site, and utilizing locally-rooted woodlands and developing environmental education projects, we have completely changed the image of industrial waste companies. changed. It has received so much attention that it has been covered by various media. There is a common phrase among Ishizaka Sangyo's on-site staff: ``This work will change the world.'' Their work has the potential to change the world in terms of the global environment. I felt proud that our uniforms were helping.