VOL.10 TGM Grand Prix

Enliven the motorsports industry

In late August, the seventh race of the Super Formula was held at Mobility Resort Motegi in Motegi, Tochigi Prefecture. Super Formula is Japan's highest and fastest formula racing series. It's a high-level world with speeds second only to F1. Surprisingly, the "TGM Grand Prix" team that is participating in this race is wearing TS Design. I visited the pit area of ​​the circuit, which was filled with excitement and excitement just before the race.

Careful preparations were made before the race.

Serbs Japan Co., Ltd. Kazuhiro Ikeda President

Teamwork is life

In Super Formula, there are no differences in performance between the cars, tires, and engines used in the race, so the drivers' abilities and team strategies determine victory or defeat. The performance of all the team staff surrounding the racer is directly linked to the outcome. Not just the racers, but everyone present is an athlete, and it's a serious competition where everyone's life is on the line. Teamwork and a sense of unity are very important, and all teams wear uniform clothing in their own colors.

TGM Grand Prix

The TGM GP team will be launched in 2023. The parent organization is Serbs Japan, which handles total production of motor sports, and the team representative is Kazuhiro Ikeda, president of Serbs Japan. President Ikeda's ambitions have only just begun, as he says, ``There is no end to the prospects for the future (lol).'' President Ikeda and TS Design first met about 10 years ago. President Ikeda happened to come across TS Design's homepage, and felt that the functionality and simple design of workwear could be applicable to the motorsports industry, so he approached the company himself. Thanks to President Ikeda's encouragement, other teams are now using TS Design for their innerwear, etc.

Don't forget to look at the fans

In the motorsports industry, the element of entertainment is also important. As a romantic stage, "coolness" is very important. We have to sell dreams to our customers and to children who dream of becoming racers. President Ikeda has experience in racing overseas, and says that this is very important to liven up the motorsports industry. We demand "coolness" from our racing cars, pits, racers, and staff. I was able to actually visit and get a feel for their commitment. It is a great honor for TS Design items to be selected by the motorsports industry, and I would be happy if I could continue to contribute even a little to this industry that pursues romance.