VOL.8 Best Trading Co., Ltd.

A company trusted by society

A large garbage processing facility located in Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Inside the factory, enveloped in the hot summer heat, I saw a large truck carrying a large amount of garbage. ``Best Trading Co., Ltd.'' is a company that operates an industrial closure business. They are responsible for industrial waste treatment, including the recycling of empty beverage containers such as cans, plastic bottles, and milk cartons, as well as plastics, etc., and both able-bodied and disabled people work together to create a recycling-oriented society.

Its main business is sorting, compacting, and transporting garbage.

Creating an organization that eliminates disparities among employees

What distinguishes Best Trading Co., Ltd. from other companies is its overwhelming employment rate for people with hearing impairments and intellectual disabilities. The aim is for people with disabilities to improve their social status by developing the same vocational skills as non-disabled people and taking on responsible jobs such as factory managers. On the day we visited, everyone, both able-bodied and disabled, was working enthusiastically without feeling any handicap.

Challenge yourself with a new spirit

The company building will be renovated in 2023. Even though the office was new, the old uniforms didn't suit her, so she started choosing new uniforms. After conducting interviews with on-site employees and carefully examining items that had a design that would be acceptable to younger generations and functionality necessary for work, we decided to unify the uniforms with TS Design. We often hear comments from business partners saying, ``The uniforms look a lot new!The uniforms are stylish too!'' Employees have commented that the design is much better than the previous uniforms, and that they are happy that they can go somewhere after work without having to worry about it, and that their families have liked the uniforms. Ta.

Aiming for a clean future without trash

The total amount of garbage generated each day in Japan, where we live, is said to be 41.67 million tons (equivalent to about 112 Tokyo Domes). I witnessed able-bodied people and people with disabilities working together to dispose of garbage, and I was able to see how this work contributes to maintaining society's environment. I was able to get a feel for the society that the company is aiming for. Seeing them working in conditions that could not be called comfortable, I headed home with a heavy heart.