VOL.4 Takahashi Taku Kogyo Co., Ltd.

World-class technological capabilities

Edogawa Ward, Tokyo. I could see the men wearing wine-colored work clothes working vigorously. Established in 1948 during post-war reconstruction, Takahashi Taku Kogyo Co., Ltd. has acquired world-class technological capabilities by consistently concentrating on spatula drawing. "Hera-shibori" is a method of processing products by pressing a rod-shaped tool called a spatula against rotating metal to deform it. Items made by Takahashi Takumi Kogyo can be seen in our daily lives. Examples include large clock frames in schools, aluminum tableware, lighting equipment, timpani, and jewels found in temples and shrines. Using the technology cultivated over the 73 years since our founding, the products that only Takahashi Taku Kogyo can produce are of high quality and are highly trusted by our customers.

Processing process of spatula drawing performed by two people The selection of the spatula to press and the amount of force applied cannot be accomplished overnight.

Disseminating technology to younger generations and the region

President Takahashi says that the most difficult thing is to pass on technology to young people. The products made by Takahashi Takumi Kogyo are not something that can be made by purchasing the latest machine and pressing a button. Of course it is important to pass on technology to young people, but Takahashi Takugi Kogyo also involves the local community in its work from the perspective of securing human resources. We accept social studies field trips for elementary school students, hold internships at five technical high schools, and participate in exhibitions sponsored by Edogawa Ward every year. Through our contribution to the local community, we have become better known, and the Edogawa Industrial Promotion Department has had more opportunities to introduce Takahashi Taku Kogyo. We do not decline media inquiries as much as possible, and believe that communicating ``Takahashi Takumi Kogyo's technology'' is the first step in nurturing young engineers.

We manufacture products using a variety of machines to meet customer requests.

President Masayasu TakahashiProactively educates young people and takes on new challenges

It was a valuable time to hear the real voices of people on the scene who kindly cooperated with the shooting because they are fans of the brand.

I want to be particular about what I wear.

When I asked President Takahashi about his commitment to uniforms, he replied, ``There are things that can be conveyed through uniforms.'' ``I want to be particular about my work clothes so that people think this company is interesting,'' he said. Recently, I have received inquiries from young designers and women on Instagram, etc., and opportunities to see the company have increased. ``Don't you hate wearing uncool work clothes when other people look at you?'' he says, thinking that uniforms are essential for improving one's image. ``TS Design's work clothes are simply cool, and I especially like the color of the work clothes I'm currently wearing.'' Although the colors are subdued, the fact that all employees wear colorful clothing brightens up the inside of the factory and increases their motivation to work. With a laugh, he said that the name of the company tattooed on his left chest was ``black because it means we aim to be profitable.''