VOL.2 Fujii Seikawara Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Inheriting the spirit and skills of tile culture

When I looked up at a construction site in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, I saw craftsmen hard at work on the roof, bathed in the bright sunlight. The uniforms and helmets they wear have the distinctive "FUJII KAWARA" logo. Fujii Seikawara Kogyo Co., Ltd.'s founder, Kuichiro Fujii, began making tiles in Miyuki-cho, Fukuyama City about a century ago. Inheriting the spirit of tile making from second and third generations, we are now playing a role in the construction industry as a construction company that specializes in roofing a variety of buildings, including general homes, buildings, stores, temples and shrines, and not just making tiles. . At the time of our interview, we visited three sites where work was underway.

Craftsmen silently raise tiles onto the roof in the winter when the cold wind blows.
Flat Western-style tiles are said to be popular as they match the latest home designs.

Contributing to the development of tile culture and the development of young people

Generally, it takes about 10 years to become a full-fledged tiled roofer. At Fujii Seikawara Kogyo Co., Ltd., in order to help students become full-fledged craftsmen within two to three years, rather than taking days off on rainy days when they cannot work, Fujii Seikawara Kogyo Co., Ltd. uses a permanent training space in the company building to teach technical qualifications. Aiming to obtain this certification, he is conducting practical training, including classroom lectures. ``It's unfortunate that the popularity of tiled roofs is declining because television and other media reports have given the wrong impression that tiled roofs are not durable in areas that are prone to disasters,'' President Fujii said. A lonely word. Originally, tiles play an important role in making roofs suitable for Japan's climate. With proper maintenance, running costs can be kept to a minimum, and they are extremely durable. Above all, the profound feeling and atmosphere that only a tiled roof can provide is unique. President Fujii feels that it is his mission to protect and pass on this culture. ``Metal roofs are good, but the prices are rising every year.Please consider tile roofs,'' President Fujii said with a smile as he looked at the craftsmen.

A practice space is permanently set up at the base so that you can quickly obtain skill qualifications.
We have a system in place to help you become a full-fledged craftsman.

Galvalume steel plate roof construction site The craftsmen's wisdom and skills are used in order to attach the galvalume steel plate to the exact area of ​​the roof.

Uniforms that meet the needs of employees

The reason for changing to TS Design uniforms was due to requests from employees to change their uniforms. Up until then, I had only been wearing it as work clothes and had not been particularly particular about it. Meanwhile, by chance, they were directly contacted by an employee who was a fan of TS Design, so they visited the TS Design exhibition hall and selected items from all the products that suited them to make into uniforms. ``The uniforms have a smart design and are easy to move around in, and are very popular with young employees and teenagers who are new graduates.''

Takahiro Fujii, President of Fujii Seikawara Kogyo Co., Ltd.We are promoting the benefits of tiled roofs and strengthening the support system for craftsmen.

It was a valuable time to hear the real voices of people on the scene who kindly cooperated with the shooting because they are fans of the brand.

Tiles that keep up with the times

In recent years, sustainable initiatives and products originating from Japan have been attracting attention, and houses with tiled roofs have less glare, keep the temperature and humidity of the house at an appropriate level, and reduce the amount of electricity used for air conditioning. Also, when repairing, rather than replacing the entire roof and discarding it, only the parts that need repair are repaired, and the waste tiles have good water absorption properties, so they can be reused as gravel or old tiles. Among the initiatives we are currently promoting is an environmentally friendly project called "TSSN "TS SAVE NEXT." I was able to learn the idea of ​​upcycling and reusing materials to connect them to the future from this tiled roof culture. Fujii Seikawara Kogyo Co., Ltd.'s attitude of continuing to support homeowners with responsibility when it comes to roofing matters, and I feel that we must reaffirm our position as one that supports craftsmen in terms of clothing. Ta.

“Bingo Tecola” reuses waste tiles as gravel
It has good water absorption and is useful as a countermeasure against puddles and mud.