VOL.1 Shin Matsuura Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Challenging the limits of manufacturing

Innoshima Island is located in the Seto Inland Sea in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture. There is the Innoshima Industrial Park located facing the coast. The main industry is shipbuilding, and there are various factories related to it. Among them is ``Shin Matsuura Sangyo Co., Ltd.''. We specialize in metal machining such as drilling and cutting, and we also manufacture holes for tube sheets and baffle plates for heat exchangers, sole plates for bridges, splice plates, large structures for equipment used in steel plants and industrial complexes, frames for construction machinery, etc. I am doing machining. As a specialist in drilling and cutting, we are fully equipped with equipment and machines such as five-sided processing machines, vertical and horizontal milling machines, and turning machines, and as specialists in drilling and cutting, we do not only work on metal processing, but also always keep in mind and imagine the finished product. Challenging the limits.

It is a nerve-wracking task because even the slightest deviation in the position of the holes is not allowed.

Actively hiring young foreign trainees

President Hideyuki Kashihara works to improve the company's image.He serves as the executive committee chairman of the Shipbuilding and Ironworks Festival and is committed to the development of the industry.

A style that is acceptable to the younger generation

As part of improving the company's image, the first thing we started was creating uniforms. Until now, the uniforms had so-called classic designs and colors. By chance, I learned about TS Design and was drawn to the denim material, which led me to change my uniform. President Kashihara was also happy to be envied by his fellow presidents of the same industrial park. It has been well received by employees, who say, ``It's nice to be able to change into just your jacket and walk around town between and after work.'' One employee commented, ``I thought it would be difficult to move around in because it's denim, but it's stretchy and has plenty of pockets, making it easy to work in.'' The issue of appearance at work inevitably comes up as a factor behind the exodus of the younger generation from small factories to other industries. I hope that TS Design's items that emphasize design and functionality will be used and become more popular at companies with a bright future like Shin-Matsuura Sangyo.