VOL.7 OPEN Co., Ltd.

To enjoy working towards my future

A residential area somewhere in Tokyo. Under the scorching sun, there were men sweating and hardening the asphalt into the ground, so hot that steam rose. OPEN Co., Ltd. is a civil engineering and construction company founded in 2014 and headquartered in Haneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo. We have staff from a wide range of ages, with an average age of 32 and the youngest being 18. We also have unique staff members who are trilingual, former restaurant managers, and have unique backgrounds such as working as a sushi chef in Jamaica.

Work was being done to harden the ground with asphalt.

OPEN Co., Ltd. Taro Miura President

Civil engineering work is super cool

``When you think of civil engineering, you may have an image of being muddy and always being outside, so it's hot and cold.'' Civil engineering work is "Civil Engineering" in English. Work that is indispensable to our lives is responsible for the infrastructure of society. Don't get too caught up in conventional wisdom and try anything you can. Above all, President Miura aims to be a company where each and every employee can enjoy working towards their own future.

The deciding factor for uniforms is functionality and originality.

Civil engineering worksites often work in harsh environments, and uniforms wear out quickly. OPEN Co., Ltd. changes its uniforms every year. Just like last year, we chose the TS design for this year's uniform from a number of options. He was looking for something that was easy to use and didn't have too many similarities with other companies, and was attracted to TS Design's original design. The pants have ribbed hems, making it easy to wear boots. You don't have to worry about it dragging or getting caught on the hem and falling over. The fabric is highly stretchy, making it easy to move around in, and it dries quickly, making it easy to wash. It also has good reviews from family members. The inner layer is cool to the touch, and the entire back and armpits are made of mesh, keeping you cool and comfortable in the summer. He sometimes receives compliments from his peers, saying he looks cool.

The joy of being able to do what you love as a job

OPEN Co., Ltd. is a new company established in 2014. President Miura, who has high hopes for the growth of young people who will carry the future, entered the industry as a teenager. I would like to pass on what I have learned and experienced little by little to the next generation. ``I try to make sure that everyone works at the same level,'' says Miura, a kind person who values ​​teamwork. Everyone is passionate about the things they love, whether it's work or play, and never takes a detour. President Miura says his role is to help each employee become independent. ``To become people who can think for themselves, make decisions, and act on their own.In order to do this, we must maintain a core within ourselves.We will continue to help all of our employees make that core strong and unwavering. President Miura has a strong belief that "safety first is the golden rule!"