VOL.6 S-Pac Co., Ltd.

Applying playfulness to product development

Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture. The long-established cardboard manufacturer ``S-Pac Co., Ltd.'' is located in this land rich in nature. The company was founded on November 11, 1923 as a woodworking business, and as time passed, the material changed from wood to cardboard. We manufacture a variety of cardboard boxes in response to orders from local companies as well as companies across the country, such as boxes with cute designs of cherries, a specialty of Yamagata Prefecture, boxes for Japanese sake, and large cardboard boxes for packaging automobile parts. It is carried out.

We can handle everything from design to manufacturing in-house.

S-Pac Co., Ltd. Kentaro Sato President

“Playfulness” fulfills the needs of the world

S-Pac Co., Ltd. has a dedicated create team. Our strength is our ability to make proposals that allow us to quickly create designs and samples in-house. Taking advantage of this strength, we are developing a variety of new businesses beyond just using cardboard boxes. Quick Base, a simple bed made of cardboard, has the advantages of being lightweight, durable, and easy to dispose of. It is an economical and convenient item for use in times of disaster, for elderly people at the end of their lives, for students starting a new life, and for beds for newborn babies. When the eruption occurred in Tonga, a large amount of Quick Base was provided free of charge. "Ston 3" is an assembly aid for cardboard cherry boxes. This product unique to Yamagata Prefecture won the second prize at the Yamagata Excellent Design Exhibition. ``I'm the one taking the lead in playing (lol),'' says president Sato with a laugh, whose hobbies include skateboarding and martial arts. All employees have fun and spend meaningful time on their days off. We believe that this will increase motivation for work and foster new ideas and playfulness.

Cardboard simple bed “Quick Base”

Cherry box assembly aid “Ston 3”

Branding uniform selection

President Sato says that his previous uniform had an old-fashioned design that made him embarrassed to be seen by others. The company is working to strengthen its branding, and as part of that effort, the uniforms have also been redesigned. After paying close attention to the color selection and the balance and shape of the top and bottom, the TS Design uniform was the best fit. The atmosphere within the company has become brighter and fresher, and most employees seem to like it even more than the previous uniforms.

Makes you think, “Will you go that far?”

One of the major differences between S-Pac Co., Ltd. and other companies is that we can add added value to our products. Rather than just making what is requested, we can go a step further and come up with interesting proposals. We came up with the idea that there is value in creating new proposals that customers have never thought of. Similarly, "added value" is a big theme for us, and we are working on adding value to our products in a variety of ways. We also want to create products and provide services that make our customers think, ``I'm willing to go that far.''