VOL.5 Yuhien Co., Ltd.

As a green evangelist

There is a beautiful green park called ``HAKKO Park'' along the coast of Innoshima Island in the Seto Inland Sea. There, you can see craftsmen tending the trees and grass that line the park from early in the morning. These are the ``green missionaries'' craftsmen from Yuhien Co., Ltd., who wear uniform work uniforms designed by TS. Yuhien was founded in 1950 in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Mainly engaged in landscaping construction business.

Lawn mowing work in the park
Managing vast grounds is a difficult task for amateurs.

Yuhien Co., Ltd. President Fukushima
As Hiroshima Prefectural Director of the Japan Landscape Architecture and Construction Industry Association, he is focusing on the development of the landscape architecture industry.

Thoughts on uniforms

The president himself faced some struggles before adopting the current uniform. I wonder if it's okay to make uniforms based on one's own preferences, and whether traditional work clothes will receive a better response from customers. However, since we adopted it, we have received more and more compliments from customers, such as, ``Yuhien-san is getting more and more cool!'' When asked about uniforms, three keywords came up: "cleanliness," "neatness," and "team feel." We believe that if you wear your uniform properly and keep it clean, you will leave a good impression when customers see you. It is also hoped that the uniforms will encourage young people to become interested in the landscaping industry, and that the industry will continue to develop in the future.

green conductor

Green is so ubiquitous that we hardly pay attention to it in our daily lives. As a ``conductor of greenery,'' Yuhien is also concerned with the development of greenery and the landscape gardening industry as a whole. Yuhien's company motto is "trust." We want to be trusted not only by our customers, but also by our employees and their families. We believe it is important to treat existing customers with sincerity. I was impressed by his approach to work, placing emphasis on earning the trust of his customers. We also want to earn the trust of our customers through our workwear, and be a "workwear leader."