VOL.3 Shinto Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Supporting Japan's core industries

The port of Shibaura, Tokyo. A large amount of cargo such as containers enters and exits ports every day. Shinto Enterprises Co., Ltd., which handles warehouse loading and unloading with unparalleled precision forklift handling, is located here. The work is diverse, with a focus on loading and unloading containers and loading them into warehouses using forklifts and on-hand workers, as well as unloading work on domestic ships, driving vehicles at container terminals, port-related work, and assisting with fireworks installation. We also have divisions that handle packaging, inspection, inspection, and processing as the last line of defense for products on the market. We are committed to the development of the port by employing a wide range of human resources, from inexperienced young people to experienced workers, to handle a variety of tasks.

What was most impressive was that the unloading process using a forklift at a distribution warehouse was not only focused on speed, but also on safety.

The print on the left chest and back features a silver reflective print.

Director Isomoto is the Director of the Safety and Health Management Office.
Improving the accuracy of quality control and creating a workplace environment where subordinates can work comfortably

The greetings and consideration from the employees at every site where they worked with a serious attitude was wonderful.

The future that Shinto companies aim for

Shinto Corporation's corporate philosophy is based on a desire to eliminate the traditional image of a port. In order to be a company that is loved by its employees, our philosophy is to continue to be a company that treats people and things with compassion and sincerity. Through this interview, I was able to get rid of the image of a ``port'' by the efforts of Shinto Corporation and the high level of standards required for each and every job. I would be happy if TS Design items that combine design and functionality continue to help Shinto Enterprises achieve its goal of becoming a company that is loved by its employees. We would like to continue testing and revising TS Design items a hundred times in order to meet the expectations of great companies like Shinto Corporation.